How to Find a Bible Discussion Guide to Fit Your Group

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Q Place guides are ideal for discussion and discovery. They are filled with questions that help everyone in the group to make close observations, solid interpretations, and meaningful applications. So instead of Bible study lessons, you have rich Bible discussions! And instead of sitting and absorbing what a teacher presents, everyone is actively engaged in Scripture, sharing, listening, and growing together. 

When it comes to exploring the Bible, people are at many different stages. Some have never opened a Bible, some have a little Bible discussion experience, and some are practiced at it. That’s why we have guides on different levels and on different topics—to meet people where they are.  

Use the list below to find a Q Place Bible discussion guide that fits your group’s level of experience, interest, and openness. The number of discussions is listed after each guide so you can find a fit for the timespan that your group has available.


Is your group new to the Bible?

Choose a Level 1 Bible Discussion Guide. Q Place Level 1 guides provide an entry point to the Bible, but they are definitely not “dumbed down.” Even group members who are experienced in Bible discussions will find that these guides make you think—without telling you what to think!


New Testament

  • Mark: Discover Jesus (18)
    We highly recommend starting with Mark for the shortest, simplest account of the life of Jesus.
  • The Book of Mark: The Story of Jesus – Simplified English (19)
    This Bible study guide has easy-to understand questions and symbols to indicate the purpose of the questions. It also includes the entire Bible text of Mark in the simplified New Life Version. It is an ideal resource for groups or individuals who are English language learners.
  • Acts: The Holy Spirit Changes Lives (24)
    Acts is a great followup to Mark or any of the Gospels.

Old Testament


Does your group have some Bible study experience?

Choose a Level 2 Bible Discussion Guide. These build well on the foundation of the books and topics covered in Level 1 guides.


New Testament

Old Testament


Is your group experienced in Bible study?

Choose from Level 3 guides. These books and topics naturally involve background information that is covered in Levels 1 and 2.


New Testament

Old Testament

  • Moses: Learning to Lead (12) 
  • David: A Passionate Leader (13)
  • Isaiah: God’s Help Is on the Way (13)

Need a short discussion guide?

Q Place Bible Discussion Pages and Bible Conversation Cards provide a simple format. They also key into felt needs or seasonal celebrations. These options work well to ease your group into a discussion of Scripture.

Bible Discussion Pages
Bible Discussion Pages are set up as PDFs on 8 1/2 x 11″ sheets with unique questions to guide a discussion of Scripture. You can print them for your group or send through email.

Many of these are designed for use at Easter, Thanksgiving, or Christmas. You can invite friends to a meaningful celebration that includes a short Bible discussion as part of your time together. Other options key into a topic that may be a current felt need or question for people you know.

Bible Conversation Cards
Bible Conversation Cards are set up 3/sheet in a downloadable PDF that you can print, cut, and share. These cards include a format, a standard set of simple questions, and six short Bible sections to discuss (1 per week). Guidelines are on the reverse side of each card.


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