Thriving Groups Workshop

(Training to Grow Effective Small Group Leaders)

Want to make a big difference in your church? Get trained to lead a small group where everyone is involved and growing!

You don’t have to be a Bible expert. Whether you currently have a small group or not, Q Place’s Thriving Groups Workshop will equip you with an approach that gets everyone involved.

Are you a church leader? See how your church can benefit.

In the Thriving Groups Workshop . . .

  • You’ll learn how to start (or re-start) your small group for optimum growth.
  • You’ll see how to make your group a safe place to invite friends to wrestle with questions and make new discoveries.
  • You’ll come away with valuable resources including the workshop handbook and access to tips and tools that will help you remember and apply what you have learned.

This 3-hour training is conveniently online, with 1-session and 2-session options available.

Click to open and download the Thriving Groups Workshop Outline.

What Workshop Attendees Are Saying

“With Q Place, things got easier. We didn’t have to reinvent the wheel! Suddenly, we felt equipped and empowered by this workshop and now others are being equipped and empowered too!”

– Amie, women’s ministry leader

“The change in thinking that the ‘leader’ has to have all the answers is freeing.”


“Where have you been all my life?!”

– Karen, Women’s Ministry Leader

“This approach to Bible study isn’t built on a gifted teacher. It won’t fall apart when someone leaves.

Plus–it’s a sweet spot for introverts.”   =)

– Jeanie, Group Facilitator
Church Leaders

What’s Different about this Small Group Approach?

Doable for New Leaders

Christians who aren’t “experts” become confident group facilitators.

Self-Discovery for Everyone

Everyone has powerful “Aha!” moments as they discuss Scripture, see it for themselves, and apply it to their lives.

Vibrant Discussions

Groups stay safe even when people have different perspectives.

A message for church leaders

Q Place’s small group approach will help reconnect your people and position your church to move outward! The Thriving Groups Workshop will show your people how to lead a group that works well for both Christians and seekers.

Register your current and future small group leaders for this interactive online 3-hour workshop so they can be equipped. 1-session and 2-session options are available.

Want to see the workshop outline?

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