Step 1 to Start Your Own Group

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Our Q Place team has helped hundreds of Christians start groups where people can see the message of the Bible for themselves. It’s a great way to help others discover Jesus in our culture today, but we know that getting started can be challenging. That’s why we’re breaking it down to simple steps that will help you get your group started.

Let’s start with Step 1.

Are you wondering if anyone around you would be open to discussing the Bible? 

We get it—taking the initiative to discuss the Bible with others can feel daunting!

That’s why we’re boiling down Step 1 to one simple word: Connect.

Starting today, make connections in three ways:

  1. Connect with God. You must start with prayer. God knows who is open to discussing spiritual matters. Ask him to show you! Make a list of people you could invite and pray for them regularly. Pray specifically about their unique situations.
  2. Connect with People. Call or meet up with the people on your list. See how they’re doing and watch for how God might be working in their lives during this time. Mention you’re thinking of starting a group for discussions about security, peace, perspective and hope from the Bible. Then ask, “If you were to come to a group like that, what would be important in order for you to feel at ease?”
  3. Connect with Another Christian or Two. Ask one or two other Christians to join you in this adventure. Pray, share your ideas, read “Prepare” in our short Facilitator Guide, and plan together.

Two people are better than one.
They get more done by working together.
If one person falls, the other can help him up.
But it is bad for the person who is alone when he falls.
No one is there to help him.
– Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

This time of global pandemic and unrest has been hard. A group of friends discussing the security, perspective, peace and hope God gives is your gift to meet deep spiritual needs at this crucial time!

Connect with God, people, and another Christian or two, and you will be moving toward the launch of your group!

– Fran Goodrich
National Field Leader

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