Is There More to Life than This?

fulfillmentAll too often we allow ourselves to drift into routines and activities that may not hold meaning when we think about the overarching course of our lives. What really gives life purpose and meaning? How can we get hold of those things? This Bible Conversation Card provides a variety of angles on these questions to help your group explore and make discoveries.




Week 1: How fulfilling is pleasure, wealth, and work?
Ecclesiastes 2:1-11, Matthew 11:28-30

Week 2: How can I be fulfilled?
Isaiah 55:1-3, John 7:37-39

Week 3: What brings lasting fulfillment?
John 4:1-26

Week 4: How important are physical needs?
John 6:5-15

Week 5: What do physical needs point to?
John 6:25-40

Week 6: What is God's purpose for me?
John 10:1-18




You may print, cut, and distribute this card for your group.
Recommendation: 110# cardstock

Instructions (for highest quality)

1. After you select "Print"

Under “Pages to Print,” select: All
Under “Page Size and Handling,” select "Size" and then:
ʘ Actual Size

Under “Orientation,” select:
ʘ Landscape

2. Click the tab “Printer" (lower left corner)

In the field that says "Media & Quality,” click the arrows to open a dropdown menu and click "Layout."

In the dropdown menu next to "Two-Sided," click Short-Edge binding.

3. Click "Print"

4. Cut the printed cards at 92mm in width (slightly over 3 5/8")