3 Tips to Take Your Group’s Interactions to the Next Level

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After a couple of bad experiences in Bible study groups, Nancy was a bit wary when she was invited to another one. But her friend Anne wanted to go, so she agreed to come along. Afterwards, Nancy said, “The minute we began actually looking at Scripture for ourselves and not having someone tell us what the right answer ought to be, I was hooked!”

Here are three tips to take your group’s interactions to the next level.

1. Set the stage. Explain that you’re not there to teach and that this group is not for experts. When one or two people who feel confident in a subject talk a lot, everyone else tends to talk very little. If you want engaging group discussions, you need to approach the group differently, communicating that all participants have something to offer as you explore a book or topic together.

2. Use an inductive Bible study guide. Studies have shown that people learn more and retain a deeper understanding of what they learn as they interact with it personally. A well-written inductive Bible study guide provides structure that will help group members wrestle actively with ideas, express thoughts out loud, and consider what others are noticing. People relate to the subject matter in a variety of ways rather than just passively listening.

3. Share the question-asking. When group members take turns each week asking the questions from a study guide, discussions will grow more dynamic rather than statically dependent on you as a leader. More than ever, you become a “guide on the side” rather than a “sage on the stage.”

Are you using Bible study guides that will support this kind of discussion and discovery in your group? With Q Place discussion guides, your groups will wrestle with challenging ideas, discover meaningful insights and reach solid conclusions for life-changing applications.

As one group participant put it, “Q Place Bible study guides help you think without telling you what to think.”

For your small group’s next topic, order Q Place Bible Study Guides, and get ready for fascinating discussions!

Fran Goodrich
Q Place Blog Editor

Note: You can view samples of all Q Place Bible Study guides in our web store. I would also be happy to help you find a guide that will be a great fit for your group! Just email me at help@QPlace.com.

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