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An Introduction to Q Place

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The Easiest Way to Start a Q Place

Roger tells the story of the Christian at his workplace (we’ll call him Joe), who is already good friends with “Sam.” As they share life with each other, Joe asks Sam something like, “What would you think of having a few lunches together to see how the Bible sheds light on life?”

Joe has spent time listening to Sam, praying for him, and welcoming him into his life. Significant life topics have already come up in their conversations. Since Sam has experienced the way that Joe listens and asks questions, he trusts that their interactions will help him, so Sam says yes and they set a date for lunch!

Joe finds a Q Place Bible Conversation Card (sample card) that relates well with topics that Sam is concerned about—or else he just finds a few Bible passages that are a close fit—and he brings them to lunch along with five simple questions.