Who is Jesus?

Who is Jesus? What did he do that made him simultaneously popular and controversial? What relevance does his life have for us today? This discussion card is a good starting place in the journey of discovering the real Jesus, from eyewitness accounts of his life in the beginning of the book of Mark.

Week 1: How is Jesus identified?
Mark 1:1-13

Week 2: Who are his first followers?
Mark 1:14-28

Week 3: What are his activities?
Mark 1:29-45

Week 4: What does he claim?
Mark 2:1-12

Week 5: How is he viewed?
Mark 2:13-22

Week 6: What authority does he take?
Mark 2:23–3:6




You may print, cut, and distribute this card for your group.
Recommendation: 110# cardstock

Instructions (for highest quality)

1. After you select "Print"

Under “Pages to Print,” select: All
Under “Page Size and Handling,” select "Size" and then:
ʘ Actual Size

Under “Orientation,” select:
ʘ Landscape

2. Click the tab “Printer" (lower left corner)

In the field that says "Media & Quality,” click the arrows to open a dropdown menu and click "Layout."

In the dropdown menu next to "Two-Sided," click Short-Edge binding.

3. Click "Print"

4. Cut the printed cards at 92mm in width (slightly over 3 5/8")