marraigeIn our culture, how can marriages have a hope of surviving? Can they really outlast the wedding gifts? And more importantly, how can my marriage really thrive? Starting with the biblical account of the origin of marriage, this Bible Conversation Card provides inspirational portraits of faithfulness and love that will become very practical as your group discusses the challenges and benefits of incorporating clear relational principles into everyday life with your spouse.



Week 1: Where did marriage come from?
Genesis 2:18-25

Week 2: What could everyday life look like?
Romans 12

Week 3: What is God's design and mystery in marriage?
Ephesians 5:21-33

Week 4: In a culture of prevalent divorce, how does Jesus view marriage?
Matthew 19:3-12

Week 5: How can you stay faithful and fulfilled?
1 Corinthians 6:18--7:7, Proverbs 5:15-23

Week 6: When you fail, where can you go?
1 John 1:5--2:2




You may print, cut, and distribute this card for your group.
Recommendation: 110# cardstock

Instructions (for highest quality)

1. After you select "Print"

Under “Pages to Print,” select: All
Under “Page Size and Handling,” select "Size" and then:
ʘ Actual Size

Under “Orientation,” select:
ʘ Landscape

2. Click the tab “Printer" (lower left corner)

In the field that says "Media & Quality,” click the arrows to open a dropdown menu and click "Layout."

In the dropdown menu next to "Two-Sided," click Short-Edge binding.

3. Click "Print"

4. Cut the printed cards at 92mm in width (slightly over 3 5/8")