Exploring God at the Bulldog Alehouse (Part 2)

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The Second Week

If Cathy and I had been amazed at what God was doing in our first meeting at the Bulldog Alehouse, now we were in awe.

It was the second week of our Explore God group. Again, the manager graciously let us use the private room in the back, and there Cathy and I sat, thinking about this week’s question, “Is there a God?” and wondering again if anyone would show. And just like the first week, at the appointed time, people came in—not all the same as the previous week, but now instead of twelve, there were fourteen!

It was another intriguing discussion—with so much openness and authenticity as we discussed the two Explore God videos with this group. But what came next changed everything for Cathy and me.

After the Discussion

Several people lingered to talk after the hour was up, including Matt and Carla, a couple who had actively engaged during the previous hour. After getting to know them better, I asked them what they were thinking now about the discussion. They both expressed how they believed in God but were not sure what all this meant.

Sensing their willingness to go deeper, I asked Carla if I could ask her a question about her spiritual journey. She said that was fine, so I said, “If you died tonight walking out of Bulldog, where would you spend eternity?” Carla said “I hope with God.” I asked, “Why should he let you be with him?” and Carla responded, “I feel like I am a good wife (glancing at her husband) and a good mom and a good person, so I think I’d be with God.” Then I turned to Matt and asked him the same question, knowing he had some time to gather his thoughts. Matt said, “because I accepted Jesus.” I asked Matt, “What does that mean?” He smiled and said, “I don’t know but I heard that is what I am supposed to say.”

And Then . . . !

Clearly this couple was ready to hear the message that I was eager to share with them. Over the next ten minutes I explained to Matt and Carla how they could have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ and have confidence and know where they would spend eternity. During this time Matt took out his phone and took notes on the Scriptures I referenced. Then I asked if they wanted to talk to God right then and there in Bulldog’s. They both nodded.

I have rarely seen what happened next—Matt grabbed Carla’s hand and prayed a short, simple prayer asking Jesus to forgive his sin, come into his life and change him. Wow! Then Carla prayed a similar prayer in her own simple words. It was beautiful! Then I prayed.

With such an amazing start to our group, Cathy and I could hardly wait to see how the rest of the seven weeks would play out!

Dundee, IL

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