Chicago. Exploring God!

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Watch this video to hear what is happening in Chicago, and read how the Daily Herald, a suburban Chicago newspaper, covered the story in its first week.

How Did This Get Started?

A few years ago, the leadership of Q Place and Explore God started talking about what an Explore God community outreach initiative could look like in Chicago. It would involve ministry partners joining together, churches all over Chicagoland preaching a sermon series on “The 7 Big Questions,” and Christians launching small groups for spiritual seekers.

Fast forward to January 2019, and all over Chicago, people are exploring their beliefs around the big questions of life, God, and the Bible. It’s hard to count the exact number of groups—early estimates are at least a thousand. It’s easier to count the number of churches involved—925 and counting! This is an amazing partnership of God’s people across all denominations.

We are excited about this initiative because as people come to a sermon series and into Explore God groups, they are engaging with big questions of faith:

Does Life Have a Purpose?
Is There a God?
Why Does God Allow Pain and Suffering?
Is Christianity Too Narrow?
Is Jesus Really God?
Is the Bible Reliable?
Can I Know God Personally?

As God works in conversations and discussions sparked by Explore God videos on these topics, people are much more likely to grow open to exploring some of these questions in Scripture itself.

Much prayer has gone into this initiative. Lots of work, too! Stories are beginning to come in, which we will share in the next several blogs. Would you also consider starting a group like this? You don’t have to wait for an initiative like the one in Chicago to reach you.

Q Place Coaching can help you lay the groundwork for starting a group for spiritual seekers. You may call the group “Explore God” or a “Q Place” or “Coffee & Questions.” Whatever you call it, our experienced coaches will help you prepare to launch a group where people around you can explore life, God, and the Bible together—wherever you may live.

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