6 Essentials to Launch Your Q Place Group

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September and January are natural times to get a group started. What can you do so that the group you envision gets off to a great start?

Let’s say you’ve been through Q Place Coaching to learn how to start a group for spiritual seekers, you have one or two other Christians who have been preparing with you, have been practicing the 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations, and have gotten to know people you can invite.

Now what?

As with most endeavors, the amount of time and effort that you give it makes all the difference. Here are six essentials for the launch of an effective, fruitful group:

  1. Pray! Pray regularly with your triad before and after launching your group. Also ask others to pray, and give them regular updates and requests.
  2. Use Invitation Best Practices, trust God, and step out to invite people to come!
  3. Review Q Place’s Quickstart Guide with your co-initiators, making sure the bases are covered for your Trial Meeting.
  4. Carry out your plan for the Trial Meeting.
  5. In the second meeting, establish Guidelines for your group.
  6. Explore Q Place’s Group Tools to keep your group healthy and troubleshoot challenges you may encounter.

If you have done all of these things, you have laid a great foundation!

But even if the results are not immediately what you wanted, trust that the Lord is at work. You may have a story like Nancy’s:

Nancy was new to the neighborhood when she launched her Q Place group, and at the first meeting, only one person showed up: Clare.

Of course, Nancy was disappointed that more didn’t come. But then Clare asked Nancy if the two of them could meet to talk about the Bible together. Clare had grown up in a church but hadn’t explored the Bible much. Nancy and Clare met together regularly for a year, and during that time her walk with the Lord became more meaningful, she began to attend church again, and her relationship with the Lord grew.

Clare commented to Nancy that before they started meeting she would not have had the courage to go out and invite neighbors to a group about God and the Bible. But a short year later, because of Clare’s growth in the Lord, she was eager to help Nancy invite people—and she knew lots of neighbors.

As a result, Nancy had a partner! And together, Nancy and Clare launched a group with several spiritual seekers in their neighborhood!

So don’t forget Zechariah 4:10 (NLT):

Do not despise small beginnings,
for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin.”

Fran Goodrich
Q Place National Field Leader


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