INVITATION Your words stuck with me...

This sample shows how you can build on a previous conversation—about doubting the existence of God—as you invite someone to a Q Place. It shows that you put a lot of value on the spiritual questions that other people are thinking about, and it also addresses the fear that you have an agenda of getting people to come to church.

Sample Emailed Invitation
Subject: I've been thinking

Dear Sandy,

Awhile ago, you and I bumped into each other at the grocery store. I still remember the conversation we had in the aisle that day. Your words really stuck with me when you said that you wondered if God even existed. I have decided to take a big leap and invite a few friends to bring their questions about God and have some “real” conversation. Do you have next Thursday morning available? I’m just inviting you to come once to check it out and see if it’s something you’d like to do on a regular basis.

Here are the details:
When: Thursday, Jan 10, 9:30-11am
Where: My house (123 Main St.)
What: Coffee and conversation about God

This will just be a time of getting to know each other better over a cup of coffee or tea…all who are invited live right here in the neighborhood. Just so you know, this is not some gimmick to get you to go to church. My intention is to invite friends with whom I love spending time, and create a safe place to discuss questions that we all have.

I hope you will join us and bring your honest question—and a friend, if you wish.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
cell: 333-333-3333

Please feel free to send your questions or hesitations... or just hit reply and say ‘Yes!’