Why Jesus Asked Questions

Of the 180 spiritual questions people asked Jesus, he only answered 3 with direct answers. The rest he answered with questions of his own. What can this teach us about sharing our faith with others?

Most of us have been taught that the best way to share the gospel is to take every opportunity to tell someone about your faith until they see the light and make a decision about Jesus.

The emphasis is put on telling and not asking.

And yet, Jesus' approach was primarily to ask caring and probing questions which deepened his relationships with his followers.

As I prepare for this year's VITAL 2016 Chicago conference, my thoughts keep returning to a live interview I gave a few weeks ago on 103.3 FM Moody Cleveland’s Brian and Kathleen Mornings show.

In the interview I talked about how important it is to ask good questions when sharing the gospel. There are 9 arts of spiritual conversations, but the one that can be the trickiest to learn for all of us is the 'art of asking questions'.

The question remains, what does Jesus want us to learn from him about sharing faith with others?

This year at VITAL 2016 Chicago, Hugh Halter, Jeff Klein, and I are going to be providing tools and strategies for mobilizing our churches for evangelism. We will share our experience using the 9 arts of spiritual conversations and other strategies from our years of experience with partner churches in the field. I have been really encouraged by how God has been using VITAL to help his followers reach people in need of the gospel. I hope to see you at VITAL this year.

*Please note this is a one-day conference: Friday, Oct 14, or Saturday, Oct 15.

Refunds will be issued through October 6, 2016