Who needs to be told what to believe?

 By Jo F.

I reluctantly came into the Q Place, thinking I would be TOLD what the stories mean, and that if I was a “Christian” I had to believe that Jesus was the ONLY way to God. That was difficult for me. I knew God was working in my life, but I was totally confused about the “Jesus” thing, as I came to call it. I was reluctant to start the Q Place, because I feared I would be told if I didn’t believe in Jesus, I wasn’t a Christian. I felt so strongly about being honest, I was willing to accept that I wasn’t a Christian.

When I started the Q Place, I was surprised that we would read the passages, and we would all talk about what it might mean, and how it might apply to us. There wasn’t just one person telling us this is what it means, and this is how we should be. Finally, I was able to study the Bible, ask all my questions and be myself!! I was able to be honest about who I am and what I honestly believe, and no one was implying that I didn’t belong. I stayed. I learned more. Then one Spring I was in a Bible study on the book of Mark. The Bible had come alive for me by now, and when we got to the part leading up to Jesus’ crucifixion, I really got in touch with how He knew what was coming, the weight of the burdens he was taking on, and my compassion and gratitude for Him just skyrocketed! It was one of those "ah ha!" moments. I was free. Words hardly begin to really capture the experience for me.