What if I had missed this Opportunity?

By Ruth Korch, Santa Cruz, CA

There were six of us that met the first time and it went well - very low key, but good.  Some didn't know each other.  Others were opening the Bible for the first time too I think - or for the first time in a very long time.

As I've prayed for these dear neighbor ladies I've been completely amazed at how the Lord has already been preparing their hearts and the thought hit me - " What if I had missed this opportunity?"  Some of these gals responded so quickly and immediately when I asked them if they'd like to join a Bible study discussion that I KNEW the Lord had already been working!

Because of their response and the obvious fact that the Lord is at work I very much have the feeling that I've been invited to something that He is doing - almost like going to a stage play or a musical (only real!).  I get to come and watch how He directs and watch how He unfolds the story lines.  It's interesting to me to be in a kind of Bible study that basically keeps my mouth shut more than open - a new experience, having been in Bible studies most of my adult life.  I find it very refreshing.

We've met once so far, but my favorite comment came from "Connie" at the end of our discussion.  She was the one who was the scariest to invite, because it was basically cold turkey.  She works full time and travels a lot and I had never met her, or seen her for that matter.  She is least familiar with the Bible, but when the last question was asked, "what is your impression of Jesus so far?" she said, almost to herself and still looking down at her open Bible, "hmmm, I'm really quite impressed with him.  I'm surprised really... I didn't know....."

 I'm really quite impressed with Him too and so grateful He is letting me in on his work in our neighborhood!!