INVITATION We are all asking questions

An emailed invitation when the people you're inviting have a common experience of asking "Where's God in this?"

Sample Emailed Invitation
Subject: Can you come?

Hi Natalia,

This holiday season I have been especially aware of questions people are asking about God. Some questions have been full of hope. Some have been full of sadness or frustration. But one common question people seem to be asking is “Where’s God in all of this?” I decided to invite some friends to come to my house next Thursday morning, spend some time together, and relate the important questions that are in our minds right now.

Do you have next Thursday morning available to join me and some other friends for coffee and conversation about God? You can bring friends, too.

When:  Thursday, Jan 10, 9:30-11am
Where: My house (123 Main Street)
What: Coffee and conversation about God

This will just be a time of getting to know each other better over a cup of coffee or tea…all who are invited live right here in the neighborhood. (I was even able to find a few baby sitters so that everyone can come!) If we find this helpful, I’m hoping we can discuss spiritual questions on a regular basis—with no experts around, no gimmicks, and no judging! Can you come this once and check it out?

I look forward to connecting with you and sharing our stories!

Please feel free to send your questions or hesitations... or just hit reply and say "Yes!"
cell: 555-123-7777