INVITATION Want to hear your perspective

This email invitation sample works well for someone who has communicated a negative response to the Bible in conversation. It's very specific about what you will discuss when you get together.

Sample Email Invitation
Subject: Want to hear more of your perspective

Hi Nate –

I am still remembering the conversation you and I had while waiting to pick up our kids from basketball practice. I really appreciated your thoughts about spiritual things and especially about the Bible. You were asking questions that I would really like to discuss more.

Now here is a question for you: Would you be willing to continue the conversation?

  • On Thursday, March 5, 7-8:30 p.m., a couple friends and I are inviting folks to come over for coffee and questions about God and the Bible.
  • It's a one-time event.
  • All comments and questions are welcomed.
  • No previous knowledge of the Bible is necessary.

Click here for a 9.5 minute video to hear the perspective of others about the reliability of the Bible. (I thought of you when I saw it.) We will use this video to springboard the conversation. But if you don’t have time to watch it, no worries…I hope you will come anyway!

We want to hear the perspectives people have about the Bible. We want to hear your frustrations with attempting to read this book or reasons why you hesitate to pick it up and read at all. We also want to hear if the Bible has ever been of help to you.

We have invited six friends who have expressed a desire to explore spiritual things. All of you live right here in the neighborhood. I look forward to having you be part of the conversation!

See you soon,
cell #555-123-7777