Triad Curriculum

Starting and Sustaining a Q Place

Learn about the qualifications and process of starting a Q Place if you haven’t already done so. [put link here for 6.0 Start a Q Place section of website]  We recommend that all Q Place Initiators surround themselves with multiple levels of  equipping and support:

  • Join a Turbo Group: We encourage you to join a Turbo Group, a group of other Initiatiors-in-training who learn the basics of how to start a Q Place in six weeks together using the How to Start a Q Place book.  This small group of 6 to 10 potential Initiators is called a Turbo Group.  The regular weekly support, prayer, and learning that occurs in this group will be foundational to your ability to start a Q Place.  If you can’t find one locally, consider joining a phone Turbo group. [click here]

2. Form a Triad: Find two other Christians to facilitate a Q Place with you. A team of three has proven to be the most effective way to launch and sustain a Q Place.  As soon as you’ve decided that you are serious about starting a Q Place, you should find two other partners to prepare along with you.  The three of you form a triad.

  • Learn the Facilitation Basics– There are basics for launching and sustaining your Q Place that all Q Place Initiators need to know.  These basic skills could be learned in your newly formed triad, at a monthly Equip Meeting in an Equipping Center, or in an extension of your Turbo Group (beyond the six weeks of studying How to Start a Q Place).   The Facilitation Basics include Beginning Your Triad, Triad Accountability, Developing Relationships with Non-Christians, Overcoming Invitation Fears, How People Learn Best, Characteristics of Inductive Study, the Tough Questions Discovery Process, a Group Effectiveness Checklist, and Effective Use of Ice Breakers.  You’ll find all of our Facilitation Basics in our Initiator Toolbox [link to Initiator Toolbox].
  • Master the Arts of Facilitation – If you are interested in how to interact effectively with people primarily in a small group, this curriculum package is essential for you.  Connecting with people naturally is more an art than a skill, and Mastering the Arts of Facilitation is a series that will help you grow in how you relate with people, whether it’s in a Q Place, in a small group of believers, or in any interraction where the outcome truly matters.

Mastering the Arts of Facilitation includes many learning modules.  Each learning module is designed as a onehour inductive discussion for a triad or a small group setting.  You can choose from the modules in the series to create a custom plan for support and training that best fits the needs of your individual triad, small group, or ministry meeting.  Mastering the Arts of Facilitation is part of the membership packages [link] for Initiators, Catalysts, and Equipping Centers.  The series is specifically designed for those launching and  facilitating Q Places.  For a full description of each Learning Module click on the title. [link to the expanded nine descriptions below]

  • Art of Noticing
  • Art of Listening
  • Art of Asking Good Questions
  • Art of Welcoming
  • Art of Facilitating
  • Art of Praying
  • Art of Serving
  • Art of Loving Others
  • Art of Sharing
  • Attend Equip meetings – If there is a Q Place Equipping Center in your area, there is a monthly meeting scheduled  there for all Q Place Initiators to continue growing in the Arts of Facilitation, as well as receiving support and encouragement.  Check our calendar for an Equip Meeting at an Equipping Center near you. [link to Equipping Center calendar] or join our monthly phone Equip meeting: link calendar.

Even after your Q Place forms, we recommend that triads meet with other triads on a regular basis at these Equip meetings to share stories, troubleshoot problems, and sculpt each other into even more effective facilitators.

6. Attend Vital– You are encouraged to join us for the annual Q Place conference called Vital that enables you to network with others launching Q Places and learn from each other and the speakers there. [link to Vital]