The Other Side of Christians

By L. Wiedemann- Burnsville, MN

When I was first approached about joining a newly-formed Q Place, I was reluctant and even felt a bit defensive. I had no formal religious background and had viewed most “Christians” I had known as judgmental and hypocritical. The person inviting me, however, was none of these things and I felt prompted to learn more. I went with great trepidation to that first meeting. I feared my “religious ignorance” would be exposed and I’d be judged on this, but nothing like that happened. Instead I met people who were kind and welcoming, eager to share the love of Christ and their faith. After joining this group, my family and I came to Christ. We've found friendship and fellowship with our neighbors, and we've grown together, and enjoyed such a great feeling of community!

I strongly urge anyone approached to join a neighborhood group and see first hand what awesome things God can do in your life and neighborhood.