Terms and Conditions - Triad Use

Your access to and use of the Arts of Spiritual Conversations is subject to the license terms provided here.

Triad purchase

If you have purchased a triad access license, you are granted the right to download and/or print up to three (3) copies of the Arts of Spiritual Conversations and to distribute no more than two of the licensed copies to other individuals for your and their own personal, non-commercial use. Neither you nor the individuals to whom you distribute the licensed copies have any right to make any other copies (other than single archival copies), further distribute the licensed copies, modify the licensed copies (other than with notes for your/their own use), or publicly display the licensed copies by any means including by uploading to a website. Other multiuser purchase options are available at is360.qplace.com/shop. The Arts of Spiritual Conversations is a copyrighted publication of Q Place.