Story: Roger and the 9 Arts

It was quite surprising how easy it was to get these triads formed. I got [a triad] going with the business manager from our church and another guy who’s fired up about evangelism—the three of us are doing it. I also have a couple business guys I’m doing it with as well. We are going through the curriculum and everyone is really fired up about it. We think The 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations are very special. We’ve been thinking this way for years and years and now [Q Place has] put it on paper.

The guys that Roger is meeting with have become much more excited about sharing their faith. Their excitement has grown because they are practicing the 9 Arts together.

Roger loves being in a triad because no one can hide. Each week, when the group comes back together, each person reports on how their “homework” went. The homework that Roger refers to is found on the back page of the 9 Arts modules in the section called “Practice on Your Own.”

From Roger’s experience, a triad is a powerful model. “It’s getting together with a couple other people, and then—not just learning how to do these 9 Arts—but actually practicing them and holding each other accountable. The accountability and the practices built into the 9 Arts are really, really special.”