Story: Forming a Triad

John had made the commitment to start a Q Place. In fact, he had been praying daily for friends, relatives, neighbors, and co-workers who did not yet know Jesus. He had built trust with them enough that he could imagine inviting them into an ongoing conversation about God. But he didn’t plunge right in by himself.

John knew that he needed partners to join him on this journey of discipling people to Jesus. So, John started praying for two other individuals to form an initiator triad. Within weeks of this decision, John shared his vision with a Christian friend, Dave, and invited him to consider joining him. The vision was to get a group of people together to have an ongoing spiritual conversation. He explained that they, as Christians, would be in the minority, creating an opportunity for people to explore their beliefs. As they trusted God, embracing the questions and the process of discovery, the Holy Spirit would direct the discussion.  Dave quickly agreed to join in; having found himself engaging mostly with Christians, he was intrigued by this opportunity. Within a month’s time it occurred to Dave that his friend Jeff might be interested in joining the triad. The three of them connected for coffee and it didn't take long for Jeff to decide that he was in. They were ALL IN!

John, Dave, and Jeff began meeting regularly for planning and prayer. They prayed for courage to take the next steps, for protection from the evil one, for unity as a triad, for people that they would invite, and for wisdom in setting the date for their first Q Place meeting. As they met, they learned together how to facilitate a Q Place and began developing a list of people to invite to the first gathering.

After they each created a short list of friends, neighbors, and coworkers, they emailed their lists to each other for prayer and accountability. Over a few weeks’ time they narrowed their lists to those they suspected didn't really know Jesus. In the end, John had a list of nine; Dave, a list of two; and Jeff, eight. Then came the day when they set the date for their first Q Place meeting—the Trial Meeting—just four months after John had first committed to this. Now it felt real to each of them. Now they were going to begin making invitations to this one-time discussion about God. Now they needed prayer and each other’s support more than ever.