Starting with the questions...

By Jeanie Frasch

In February, 1966, Bob and  Shirley led a church plant team of sixty adults and their children in Novi, Michigan. Oak Pointe Church has currently grown to an average weekly attendance of about 3,000.

After several years as senior pastor Bob, and his wife, Shirley, wanted to host an “Explore Group” for seekers in the church. Not only would this group meet the needs of some seekers, but it would also be a noticeable example of the priority the church placed on evangelism. As they were considering what materials to use, they remembered positive experiences with a study in their neighborhood using the Mark discussion guide.  So they were very receptive to looking over the discussion guide called Foundations for Faith.

From the pulpit, Bob extended an invitation to seekers in the church to meet with him and Shirley at their home for ten weekly meetings. They had a lot of takers. As they progressed through the Foundations guide, group members felt comfortable staying late to continue their discussions. Their record was about 1 AM! Bob says it was the most fun he’s had since starting the church. And, yes, almost all of the members of that group came to faith. Oak Pointe Church is now offering Explore Level Groups for seekers on Sunday mornings.  Q Place's Foundations for Faith is one of the studies that is offered.