How Membership Works

When you’re starting a Q Place or a Q Place ministry, you’re setting out on a journey that will have a powerful impact on people’s lives. We want to provide the most valuable resources that we can to support you, so that you can find what you need, in the moment that you need it.

Do you just want to check out what we have to offer?

FreeResourcesGet Free Resources

You’ll receive a login to our Membership section so that you can access resources that are the most useful at the outset of starting a Q Place or a Q Place ministry. Click for details.


Are you starting a Q Place?

QPlusJoin Qplus

Your login will open up a wealth of resources, plus an automatic 20% discount on all Q Place products in the store, and phone and webinar support from our Q Place team. The annual Qplus membership fee provides one year of access, discounts, and features. Click for details.

You’ll get the tools that you need—when you need them—no matter where you are in the process of starting a Q Place.

Is your church ready to start a Q Place ministry?

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The impact multiplies! With a Qplus church membership, every member of your church will have access to a Qplus login.

In addition, church leaders will receive a login that will open up all of the planning, promotion, and training tools needed for an effective Q Place ministry.


Just like Qplus, a Qplus church membership provides one year of access, discounts, and features. Click for details.

With resources available right when you need them, you will:
Build a team
Lay the foundation
Empower initiators
Support triads
Sustain the ministry

Just want to get better at conversations about God?

beyond the basics iconPurchase the
Arts of Spiritual Conversations
Beyond the Basics 
Digital Version

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Once you get started, you may discover that you also want to start a Q Place or a Q Place ministry. If that happens within six months of your digital purchase of the Arts of Spiritual Conversations Beyond the Basics, you will be able to upgrade to a one-year Qplus or Qplus church membership.