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Videos that show how to start a Q Place – Watch a triad preparing to start a group, an actual Q Place Trial Meeting, and an ongoing discussion in a Q Place.

Invitation Samples – When you’re thinking about how to invite people to your group, reading through some great examples can really help—whether you plan to invite in person, over the phone, by email or letter, or a combination! Also, check out Invitation Best Practices.

The Quickstart Guide – Use this as a worksheet to be sure you’re covering all the bases and logistics as you prepare to start a group for seekers. 

Format for Your Trial Meeting – This is a handy 3/sheet card that you can take into your trial meeting as a guide to follow.

Explore God Videos – Explore God’s “7 Big Questions” video series is a great way to launch discussions about God, and all 14 videos in the series are here with discussion questions that you can use in your group.

Bible Conversation Cards – Your group participants may be looking for help with common issues such as anxiety, the need for fulfillment, their identity, parenting, or marriage, and they may be open to seeing what the Bible has to say on these topics. In Free Resources, you will find simple Bible Conversation Cards with a standard format and a simple set of questions that you can use in your group.

Resources for Common Small Group Challenges – All small groups face challenges: tangents, members who monopolize the conversation, silent members, the need for childcare, what to study next…the list goes on and on! Find help for a variety of challenges as well as checklists to help your group self-evaluate and engage in dynamic discussions.

Practicing the 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations curriculum is now available exclusively through the Q Place store. For everything else, just sign up below!