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Whether you're an individual who wants to start your own Q Place or a church that wants to launch a Q Place ministry, every group has the same basic structure and follows the same basic timeline.

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Roadmaps for starting a Q Place -
These helpful roadmaps lay out the process of starting a single Q Place (in four stages) or a Q Place ministry (in five phases).

Formats for your Trial Meeting - The first meeting is always the most intimidating, but it can also be one of the most exciting. These tried-and-true formats will take away the guesswork.

Bible Study Discussions - Format is helpful, but you need topics for discussion. These discussions will give you content options and help you guide the flow of conversation in a positive direction.

Tough Questions Discussions -  If your group isn't ready to study the Bible initially, that's okay! When this happens it's often because participants have tough spiritual questions that need to be explored in a safe environment. This is why we call it a "Q Place" ... the "Q" is for questions. Following these guidelines will help you facilitate your group's discussion through these waters.

Resources for Common Challenges Many groups face external challenges like providing childcare. Sometimes a certain participant monopolizes the discussion. Or you may have someone who never speaks. Check out Childcare and Monopolizers & Onlookers for best practices to deal with these challenges.

Tips, Blogs & Updates - Get fresh ideas for your group and encouragement for your ongoing ministry.