Reference Library

Confidence in what you believe and what you know to be true about God, the Bible, and the church is a big asset when facilitating a Q Place.  Your goal is not to use your knowledge to teach others or prove others wrong.  But you can ask better questions or share your opinion in a non-confrontational manner with those who have different views when you have done your homework ahead of time.

To help you build confidence and a knowledge base, here are six core topics which might help you field questions about Christianity.  Each of the following sections will guide you to books, websites, blogs, videos, events, and more to give you the foundation you need for effective spiritual conversations.


Apologetics is the discipline of defending the Christian faith through the systematic use of reason. This collection of recommended reading and web sites will help you deepen your own understanding of the evidence for  Christianity.

Spiritual Formation

How do adults grow in their relationship with Christ?  What spiritual practices and process is most helpful to enable a person to become a Christ follower and mature in Christ?

World Religions

Questions and comments about other religions are likely to arise in your Q Place.  A basic understanding of other belief systems (including atheisim) and how they compare to Christianity can help you facilitate those discussions.

Church History

The Christian church is nearly 2000 years old.  The doctrine, practices and beliefs we have today are a result of 2000 years of history that is helpful to understand.


The Great Commission is still our mission today, but what does effective evangelism look like in the western world?  How can we share the Gospel with our unchurched family, friends, neighbors and fellow workers?

Bible and Jesus

People will ask questions, and while your job is primarily to listen, there will be times to share what you believe about Christianity, Jesus, and the Bible. Do you understand the basic tenets of the Christian faith?  What resources exist to help you fill in the holes in your own theology?

Leadership Development

What makes a good leader?  How do you become one?  Certainly it takes practice, but there are some basic leadership resources that will help you fully develop your leadership potential and style.