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There are three main ways to join an ongoing Q Place spiritual conversation:

1) Join a local Q Place. Would you like to learn about new Q Places starting or going on in your area?  We’d like to help you get connected.  Email us if you’d like to join one and we’ll notify you if we’re aware of one that is close by.

2) Join a virtual Q Place that meets by phone with others like you. Would you like to join a Q Place that meets at a time and day that is convenient for you?  We are starting a few phone Q Places in the upcoming months that meet all of the Q Place criteria of using trained facilitators, time-tested guidelines and inductive resources that either discuss a set of tough questions about God or a introductory level book of the Bible.  Email us if you’d like to join one.

3) Join a Facebook Forum on a topic of interest about God or the Bible.  If you don’t have much time or enough interest to make a commitment of joining an ongoing Q Place, maybe you’d be interested in participating in a forum. Go to the Q Place forums.

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