Starting & Sustaining a Q Place

Learn about the qualifications and process of starting a Q Place if you haven’t already done so.  We recommend that all Q Place facilitators surround themselves with multiple levels of equipping and support:

Mapping the Process1. Form a triad: find two other Christians to facilitate a Q Place with you. A team of three has proven to be the most effective way to launch and sustain a Q Place. As soon as you’ve decided that you are serious about starting a Q Place, find two other partners to prepare along with you as a triad. Get to know one another better. Pray for people to invite to your Q Place. If you don’t have any or very few non-Christian friends, then be sure to check out the Art of Spiritual Conversations, which will help you to build relationships. (See above!) Those who end up coming to your Q Place might be people you never expected!

2. Practice the Arts of Spiritual Conversations™Q Place recently launched a curriculum series that opens the way for meaningful conversations about God with people who believe differently—whether you have started a Q Place, or not! The Arts of Spiritual Conversations™ is a series of modules that will help you grow in how you relate with people who have different beliefs than you. Right now the first nine modules are available for purchase digitally through our store, with license options for individuals and a variety of groups. Check it out right here in our store; or if you'd like, first you can view, download, and/or print the free Introduction to the Arts series! You can also learn more about the Arts of Spiritual Conversations™ here.

3.  Learn together in a turbo group. We encourage you to join a turbo group, a small group of facilitators-in-training who meet for six weeks to go through the book How to Start a Q Place together. In a turbo group, you will learn the basics of how to start a Q Place. The regular weekly support, prayer, and learning that occurs in this group will provide the foundation for a flourishing Q Place. If you can’t find one locally, consider joining a phone turbo group.

4. Attend Vital. We encourage you to join us for Vital, our annual Q Place conference where you can learn from outstanding speakers and network with others who are passionate about engaging in effective spiritual conversations with people around them.

5. Get to know us on Facebook . Connect with people across the country and beyond by participating in our online community on Facebook.  Post questions, join virtual discussions, and learn from each other how to improve our spiritual conversation and facilitation skills.