Initiator Toolbox

Explore this list of valuable resources to find a tool that may be the perfect fit for your group's needs.  Each title in the list links to a pdf that you may download and print freely.  Some are also intended to be taken right into your Q Place. (Check out our checklists and Christmas studies!)

Q Place Method

Adult Learners

Format:  Bible Study Discussions

Format:  Tough Questions Discussions

Format:  Trial Meeting

The Inductive Method

The Initial Stage of Small Group Development

Tough Questions Discovery Process

Healthy Q Place Dynamics

Checklist:  Group Effectiveness

Checklist:  Participants

Checklist:  Question-Asker

Connecting by Phone

Filling the Empty Chair

Icebreaker Questions

Praying Together

Q Place Guidelines

Small Group APGAR

When You Are the Question-Asker

Difficulties in a Q Place

Challenges of Group Dynamics


Handling Small Group Crises

Monopolizers & Onlookers

Multiplying When No One Wants to Divide

Taming Tangents in Bible Study

Top Ten Small Group Problems

Closure and What's Next

Bringing Closure to Your Group

Discussion Guides by Level

Neighborhood Cookouts

Q Place Reflections

Selecting Bible Study Guides

What Should We Study Next?

Christmas Studies

The Cost of Christmas - What was the cost of Christmas for Mary, Joseph, the wise men, and Jesus himself? This is a great study for groups that are brand new to the Bible.

Empty or Full? - This intriguing study compares the Old Testament character Ruth with Mary, the mother of Jesus.  It works well for groups with some Bible experience.

The Greatest Gift - This study focuses on the gift that God gave to us in Christ.  It incorporates the events of Jesus’ birth, a study of the gifts brought by the wise men to him, and time to consider our response to God's gift.  A good fit for groups with some Bible experience.
Who Is this Child? - From an ancient prophecy of the Messiah, to dramatic birth  announcements given by angels, this study invites participants to explore the full identity of this baby born in Bethlehem.  Recommended for groups with some Bible experience.