Implementation Process

Q Place Phases Diagram

Q Place Phases Diagram (Click to enlarge)

The Five Phases of Beginning a Q Place Ministry


Church Partners launch Q Places through five phases:

  • Build…
  • Learn…
  • Empower…
  • Support…
  • Sustain

Please refer to diagram.

PHASE 1 – Build a Team

A core church leadership team of three people, a Lead Triad, ideally includes one staff person and two lay leaders. This team will support Q Place activity and will be trained and supported by Q Place. Q Place can coach this triad through all five phases of the process.

Duration: 1-3 months

Objective: Develop a locally trained team that will lead a Q Place ministry.

PHASE 2 – Learn the Method

Your church hosts a Q Place workshop where interested Christians begin to learn about Q Place and sign up for newly forming turbo groups where they can begin to become equipped as initiators to facilitate Q Places. This is the first filter to find Q Place initiators.

Duration: 2 hours

Resources: Workshops provided and presented by Q Place staff: the Arts workshop (focused on everyday practices of the Arts of Spiritual ConversationsTM) and the How to Start a Q Place workshop (focused on ongoing discussion groups)


(1) Cultivate widespread awareness, inspiration, and support throughout the church for Q Place activity, including everyday spiritual conversation practices and ongoing small groups for the unchurched.

(2) Find Christians wanting to improve in having meaningful conversations about God with people who believe differently, who will begin using the Arts curriculum.

(3) Find potential initiators who are interested in launching a Q Place, who will sign up for turbo groups and go through the 4‑stage process of launching a group.

PHASE 3 – Empower Christians

The Lead Triad, ideally made up of one staff member and two lay leaders, is trained to facilitate turbo groups. They empower Christians to learn the basics of how to start a Q Place and assess whether each individual is capable of launching and sustaining a Q Place. During this period, new triads of potential initiators form to create the foundation of each new Q Place. This is the second filter to find those who can actually start Q Places in the upcoming year.

Duration: 6-8 weeks

Resource:How to Start a Q Place book


(1) Equip and mobilize people who understand the Q Place method, who reflect the Q Place core values, and who have a personal vision to start a Q Place with two other initiators.

(2) Provide blessing and growth for all turbo group participants, including those who are not ready to start Q Places.

PHASE 4 – Support Triads

Triads begin meeting regularly to get ready to start their Q Place. They pray together, learn new spiritual conversation skills, develop relationships with non-Christians, and build trust among themselves as co-initiators. The Lead Triad provides coaching and monthly large gathering support (called Equip Meetings) for these triads as they practice spiritual conversation arts, pray, share stories, and watch God work.

Duration: 6 months to 1 year

ResourcesThe Arts of Spiritual ConversationsTM  and the free Initiator Toolbox in the web Resources Section


(1) Form, train, and support triads of Christians starting Q Places.

(2) Launch Q Places.

PHASE 5 – Sustain the Ministry

The Lead Triad facilitates monthly meetings to equip and sustain triads that are in various stages of starting Q Places. The Q Place church partner continues to cycle through Phases 2-4 with new people.

Duration: Ongoing

Resource: Q Place’s fully expanded set of the Arts of Spiritual Conversations (36 curriculum modules).


(1) Provide a process for everyone in a Q Place, participants and initiators alike, to grow in their knowledge of God and the Bible.

(2) Help people know God as he is revealed in the Bible, coming to know Jesus and growing in their relationship with him.