Becoming a Catalyst

What is a Catalyst?

In chemistry, a catalyst stimulates or precipitates a reaction, development or change.

A Q Place Catayst is someone who helps train and equip churches and initiators in their area to launch and facilitate Q Places.  These people are the key to a sustainable Q Place ministry.  Catalysts bring their own experience of initiating Q Places to model the inductive learning approach for future intiators.  Catalysts also work with churches, forming partnerships and demonstrating how churches can use Q Place for outreach.

How do I become a catalyst? 

Do you want to promote Q Place in your church and your area?  Wonderful!  We thank God for people like you who see the potential of this ministry and who want to see it spread.   Have you led a Q Place?  A Turbo group?  These are essential experiences as a foundational base for becoming a catalyst.  Begin by emailing Jan Teat, our Field Support Leader, and ask for next steps.  Being a catalyst will mean you are joining a nation-wide community of others like you who want to use Q Place to spread the Gospel to those outside the institutional church.  We look forward to hearing from you!