Questions that lead to change...

By Dwight Bailey, Pastor, Church of the Chimes San Jose California

As a pastor my biggest responsibility is to embody the vision that God has given this church for this season which is to make fully devoted followers of Christ, shaping those who are growing and maturing in Christ.  I know I can't do that on my own.  The ministry of Q Place is so different from anything I have come across in my 14+ years as a pastor--and I have seen a lot of things.  There is such a presence of Christ in this ministry.  It has helped me to learn more about Jesus and how Jesus interacted with people. I have used this method not only in my preaching (which is transformed!), I've seen people come to Christ because they have heard the Gospel and have had the opportunity to wrestle with their questions.  I believe the Holy Spirit used this method to draw these people to Himself.  It has changed my marriage coaching and the coaching I do with staff and leaders--I tell them that we all need to learn how to ask better questions because God shows up when we do.  I am so encouraged--thrilled, really--about this partnership because  have seen God work in a number of people's lives and I want to get in on that.

When something resonates with the heart, people know it.  If Q Place is that ministry then want to encourage you to get involved in a bible study, teach a sermon series on one of the tough questions--that's what I did--and I tell you we saw more people come to faith during that series at one time than I have seen in the entire time I have been at this church.  The question was "Who is this Jesus?"  So I encourage you, preach a series, get involved in a Q Place ministry, ask questions for yourself so you can figure out how you can go forward in a ministry like this and figure out how to make it you!