Q Place Coaching

Q Place Groups Start with Coaching

You can start a group for ongoing spiritual conversations—where people around you can explore their questions, make discoveries, and come to know God as revealed in the Bible. Q Place Coaching is time-tested training for facilitating groups where seekers feel safe exploring their questions about God.

The next Q Place Coaching sessions will run the weeks of August 6 - September 24. (There will be no sessions the week of Labor Day). To apply, please fill out the form below.


  • Coaching groups meet in an online videoconference through a link that we set up. You need access to a computer with video and audio in a quiet location with reliable internet service.
  • Coaching groups meet 1 1/4 hours each week for 7 weeks.
  • These groups are coached by Christians who have started and facilitated groups for spiritual seekers.
  • We recommend coming into Q Place Coaching as a group of three Christians (a triad) who want to start a group together.
  • The summer and fall 2018 sessions of Q Place Coaching are for those who are committed to starting a group by January, 2019.

Before you apply for Q Place Coaching, watch this recorded webinar, How Q Place Works.