How Can Psalms Help Us Pray?

In the Bible, the Psalms are honest expressions of the range of human emotion and experience, and the six selections on this card are a sampling. These songs, prayers, and poems can guide you and your group into a deeper, authentic relationship with God.

Week 1: How does God communicate with us?
Psalm 19

Week 2: How can we describe his care for us?
Psalm 23

Week 3: How can we respond in difficult situations?
Psalm 27

Week 4: How can we be real with God?
Psalm 38

Week 5: How can we ask for help?
Psalm 40

Week 6: How can we express trust in God?
Psalm 46




You may print, cut, and distribute this card for your group.
Recommendation: 110# cardstock

Instructions (for highest quality)

1. After you select "Print"

For “Pages to Print,” select: All
For “Page Size and Handling,” select:
ʘ Actual Size

2. Click the tab “Properties" (next to the printer name at the top)

In the "Setup” tab select:

Job Type: Normal Print
Orientation: Landscape
Layout: 1 Page per Sheet
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3. Click "Print"

4. Cut the printed cards at 92mm in width (slightly over 3 5/8")