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A $50 value for only $29.99!

9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations Starter Kit

Get the 9 Arts Starter Kit so you can look through all of the 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations resources and plan how the 9 Arts will work best in your church or ministry.

The 9 Arts Starter Kit includes one of every 9 Arts product:

  • The 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations, by Mary Schaller and John Crilly
  • 9 Arts Primer (curriculum for small groups, Sunday school classes, discipleship groups)
  • 9 Arts Complete Guide (curriculum that goes deeply into the 9 Arts)
  • 9 Arts DVD (starter videos to launch great discussions and practice)

The kit also includes access to the 9 Arts Sermon Outlines & Ideas, so you can lead your whole church to engage with people around them the way that Jesus did.

When you look at the life and ministry of Jesus, you'll see nine different ways that he engaged with people. These practices, or "arts," are skills you can learn that will naturally deepen your connections with others. Spiritual conversations may then become an everyday reality, and you'll have a front row seat as God changes people's lives.


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