Opening a Treasure Chest

By Mary Growitz

I saw the Women’s Bible study advertised in a flyer. I began attending in January as a way to get to know other women. I have to admit, I wasn’t thrilled about the study of Mark. I’m embarrassed to say that I thought I knew everything about this particular book. I’d read it a few times before and remembered many parts of it from childhood. I’ve been surprised (and humbled) to “see” things I’d not noticed  before. Sometimes I struggle with believing the truth of Scripture. Yet whenever I’ve studied the Bible, it has always proved itself true. There are times when I’d like to understand it better and have all of my questions answered. But it seems that God, in His wisdom, reveals little morsels of truth only as I’m ready to receive them.

Reading anew about the life of Jesus has been like opening a treasure chest. I’m reminded of how He notices and cares for individuals and their specific needs, even in the midst of a crowd. His life on earth revealed the fulfillment of many Old Testament prophecies. I’m also comforted to know that the disciples were just as human and imperfect as I am. I’m glad I took a risk and joined the Wednesday morning Women’s Bible study, and I am thankful for the relationships I’m developing. If you have questions about the Bible or want to connect with other women, I encourage you to give Women’s Bible study a try.