Not too warm and not too cold: Just right!

By Cindy

Let me share with you a couple of things that I really like about our Q Place now that I have attended for a couple of years. I like that the studies are not based on opinion or any particular doctrine, but rather the foundation for each study stands solely on the scripture of the Holy Bible. I love the group dynamics, too. Because there is no appointed leader and because the questions are carried out in a discussion format, it gives each person a chance to bring a fresh perspective to each meeting and one that might have been missed if doing the study on your own.  The people of the group were warm and inviting and the study was at a level which interested me. Not too complicated or formal, and yet not too simple or full of fill-in-the-blanks or leading questions. It seemed to be just a study of the scripture and what it says. I will never forget driving home after the first study and hearing Nancy’s (the initiator’s) words echoing in my mind over and over again: “Cindy, I am really glad you came.” Those words just felt like a direct affirmation from God.