Ministry News, November 2011

Behold, I am doing a new thing;
now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?
I will make a way in the wilderness
and rivers in the desert. (Is. 43:19)

So what’s NEW?


This past September people joined us from all over the country at Vital, our annual equipping conference held in St. Charles, IL. This year, we welcomed a record-breaking number of people: Almost 200! A large percentage of these people were brand new to Q Place, and we look forward to continue developing these new relationships in the upcoming months.


For over fifty years, we have been mobilizing Christians one at a time to start small groups with those outside the church. This year we have made an amazing discovery—we are partnering with churches in order to provide this resource far and wide. Many churches are actively seeking a resource that will help them effectively reach people outside their doors! God’s hand has been so evident through this process, and we’re often in awe.


One of his great provisions is our new church partnership leader, John Crilly, who is now a full-time member of our staff. With expertise in project management, vision-casting, coaching, and team building, John brings tremendous professional experience to Q Place as well as a strong passion for Christians to reflect Jesus as they interact with people around them.


We have also developed a five phase process for churches as they become Q Place Equipping Centers, where Christians are mobilized to start Q Places in their neighborhoods, workplace, and communities through training and support all along the way. This fall we are working intensely on these major initiatives that are part of the partnership plan:

- Establish four pilot hubs of Q Place activity in outreach-oriented churches to refine our process and products for future Q Place Equipping Centers.

- Encourage Christians within these pilot churches to meet in groups of three for dynamic accountability and transparency as they prepare to start Q Places together. We call these Initiator triads.

- Develop curriculum called Mastering the Arts of Spiritual Conversations so that Equipping Centers can equip and support those who are starting Q Places.

- Launch a new website that provides a much more comprehensive message about Q Place. Meet the challenge of communicating well to three diverse audiences: (1) those searching for God, (2) Christians looking for a doable form of evangelism, and (3) churches that want to equip their members to fulfill the Great Commission. Provide an abundance of helpful resources for those who register on the site.

As you read this, I hope that you become as excited as we are about what God is doing. We believe that he is asking many people to join in support of these plans at the same time that he is unfolding them.

We praise God for you and for your active faith in him and his work!

Mary Schaller