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If you are starting a Q Place—or if you’re already on the road—become a Qplus member for immediate access to resources for every part of the journey. You can check it out through Free Resources or open up the full range of initiator resources through Qplus.

If you’re a church or ministry leader, get all the tools you need to launch a Q Place ministry, including access to Qplus resources for everyone in your church.






Cost based on 

average adult church attendance
2500+……..Contact us for pricing

 ----------$45/yearsee chart below
    These helpful roadmaps lay out the process of starting a Q Place (in four stages), and a Q Place ministry (in five phases).
    Get the tools that are most needed at the outset of starting a Q Place, such as formats for the Trial Meeting, for Bible Study discussions, and for Tough Questions discussions, and resources such as Childcare and Monopolizers & Onlookers.
    These include e-Help, our monthly digital newsletter with tips and tools for Q Place initiators, and On Q: News & Insights, a publication that gives you fresh content and stories. It’s a blog and a digital newsletter that arrives in your inbox.
    Qplus and Qplus church membership opens up convenient web access to each of the 36 modules of the Arts of Spiritual Conversations. Qplus church provides an Arts license to fit the size of your church or ministry.
    Access all of our online and printable initiator resources such as Challenges of Group Dynamics, Small Group APGAR, Taming Tangents, Connecting by Phone, Filling the Empty Chair, Multiplying When No One Wants to Divide, What to Study Next, and the Group Effectiveness Checklist.
    Q Place offers Simple Bible Study Cards as a low-key way to ease your group into Bible discussions. Simple Bible Study Cards on Real Life Topics include Fulfillment & Purpose, My Real Identity, and Where’s God When I Hurt? Or consider Simple Bible Study Cards on introductory level books of the Bible such as Mark and Psalms. Ready to be printed, cut, and shared, these cards include a simple format to follow and a standard set of questions to guide your group discussion.
    Qplus and Qplus church members receive a 20% discount applied to all Q Place store purchases and Q Place events, such as VITAL.
    Members receive exclusive access to videos featuring well-known authors and speakers with inspiring messages that cast vision and provide practical tips.
    Get the inspiring videos that provide glimpses into starting and facilitating an actual Q Place through every stage: Preparation, Invitation, Trial Meeting, and Growth
    Gain access to experienced practitioners who are available to help Qplus and Qplus church members to talk through challenges and get connected with the right resources, including webinars focused on key topics. Also connect with members of our Q Place Prayer Team for prayer support.
    This includes the entire Arts of Spiritual Conversations Beyond the Basics digital curriculum, all of the online resources, and all of the discounts available in Qplus.
    The kit includes printed copies of many digital resources that help churches begin building a Q Place ministry. Items include spiral-bound, printed copies of the Arts Basics, Arts Beyond the Basics, and Arts Leader Kit as well as the Arts Conversation Starters DVD. These handy items are easy to share within your organization as you plan and implement your Q Place ministry to start and sustain many Q Places in your church or organization.
    Access the full menu of ministry resources including Best Practices in Launching a Q Place Ministry, the Q Place Lead Team, and Mapping Your Q Place Ministry, which will help your Lead Team develop a personalized Q Place Ministry plan for your church. Also included: Best Practices for Hosting Equip Meetings, graphics, customizable posters, invitations, and bulletin announcements.