INVITATION Interested in fitness

Fitness is a popular topic, and activity. Some very healthy, strong Q Places have formed among groups of people who also work out together. Talking about our overall well-being can be a great starting point for inviting friends to a Q Place—whether physical workouts are part of the mix or not!

Sample Face-to-Face Invitation

Hey Chris, you know how we were talking the other day about needing to work out more? I’ve been thinking how I want to get a group together that is also interested in spiritual fitness.

A couple of us have heard of a great way to do this with people where there’s no judging, no experts, no lectures, but where we discuss our questions about life, God, and the Bible honestly and openly in a low-key way.

In fact, I understand that it’s even helpful for a group like this to have people from different backgrounds to share their perspectives.

We’re going to try it out a week from Tuesday at 7:30-9 p.m. at the Starbucks across town.

Can you join us?