INVITATION Interested in faith issues

Alex was an atheist, and yet she responded to this face-to-face invitation from Fran. She came to the first meeting; she became part of the group; and over time she saw the reality of God for herself, saying, "We could write a book about the answers to prayer in our group."

Face-to-Face or Phone Invitation Sample

Hey, Alex, what would you think about coming to my house Tuesday night around 7 for dessert to get to know some neighbors who are all interested in faith issues?

We’re from different religious backgrounds, but I know a few of us would like to have a safe place where we can discuss and process what we believe about life, God, and the Bible—without anyone telling us what to believe.

Lisa is coming and so is Sue.

We’re going to try this out once and see if people would like to keep doing it for a few weeks.

Would you be open to coming this once to check it out? No pressure to keep coming.