Implementation Process

The Five Phases of Beginning a Q Place Ministry


Equipping Centers launch Q Places through five phases:


Please refer to diagram.

PHASE 1 – BUILD a Team

A core church leadership team of three people, a Champion Triad, ideally includes one staff person and two lay leaders.   This team will support Q Place activity and will be trained and supported by Q Place.  The Champion Triad signs the Equipping Center Agreement and Q Place coaches this Triad through all five phases of the process.

Duration: 1-3 months

Resources: Q Place Champion Triad Training (allow 2 ½ days)

How to Start a Q Place

Objective: A local team that will lead a Q Place ministry


PHASE 2 – LEARN the Method

Your church hosts a Q Place workshop where interested Christians begin to learn about Q Place and sign up for newly forming Turbo Groups where they can become equipped as Initiators to facilitate Q Places.  This is the first filter to find Q Place Initiators.

Duration: 2 hours

Resource: The Q Place Workshop provided and presented by Q Place

Objectives: Widespread awareness and inspiration in the church about Q Place

Potential Initiators who sign up for Turbo Groups

PHASE 3 – Empower Christians

The Champion Triad leaders facilitate the new Turbo Groups.   They empower Christians to learn the basics of how to start a Q Place and assess whether each individual is capable of launching and sustaining a Q Place.  During this period, new Triads of potential Initiators form to create the foundation of each new Q Place.  This is the second filter to find those who can actually start Q Places in the upcoming year.

Duration: 6-8 weeks

Resource:  How to Start a Q Place

Objectives:     People who understand the Q Place method, who reflect our core values, and who have a personal vision to start a Q Place with two other Initiators

Blessing and growth for all Turbo Group participants, including those who are not ready to start Q Places


PHASE 4 – Support Triads

Triads begin meeting regularly (every week or biweekly) to get ready to start their Q Place.   They pray together, learn new skills, develop relationships with non-Christians, and build trust among themselves as Initiators.  The Champion Triad provides coaching and monthly large gathering support for these Triads as they practice Q Place principles, pray, and watch God work.

Duration: 6 months to 1 year

Resource: Q Place Triad Learning Modules available at

Objectives:   Triads formed, trained, and supported

Q Places launched

PHASE 5 – Sustain the Ministry

The Champion Triad facilitates monthly meetings to equip and sustain Triads that are in various stages of starting Q Places. The Equipping Center continues to cycle through Phases 2-4 with new people.

Duration: Ongoing

Resource: Q Place Large Gathering Modules available at

Objectives:     Everyone in a Q Place, participants and Initiators alike, growing in their knowledge of God and the Bible

People finding Jesus