Ways your church can
get involved with Q Place

1.  Practice the 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations

Practicing the 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations inductive curriculum equips churches and individual Christians to engage in meaningful conversations about God with people who believe differently. The 9 Arts reflect the actions of Jesus, and a sermon series on the 9 Arts can be a great starting point for your church to catch the vision of what it looks like to relate with people as he did.

Q Place’s 9 Arts Leader Kit includes sermon outlines and ideas that your church leadership team can implement so that your whole church will actively engage in practices that stir up meaningful conversations about God with people all around them. The 9 Arts Primer and Complete Guide curriculum has the greatest impact when it is also facilitated in small groups with plenty of table discussions and a strong focus on practicing the 9 Arts through the week. Each module includes the biblical basis for these concepts, discussion questions, and hands-on practice.

Download the free 9 Arts Introductory Session and try it out.

Learn more about the 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations.

Purchase the 9 Arts curriculum.

2.  Host a workshop

Q Place staff members offer interactive workshops both on the 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations and on Starting a Q Place. Our workshops are not just an event. They are part of an overall plan with next steps that we develop with your church for a real-life, ongoing impact.

For more details, contact us at info@QPlace.com.

3.  Start a Q Place ministry

If your church wants to develop a self-sustaining ministry that equips people to have ongoing spiritual conversations, Q Place can help. In addition to the products and services we provide, we also have staff and volunteers who can come alongside your leadership and coach your team with a customized plan for your church.

We have a 5-phase process for starting a Q Place ministry that can be adapted to fit the needs of your church.

In each phase of the process, Q Place offers a variety of support, including both personal coaching and online resources. Trained staff members come alongside church partners, evaluating needs and helping to develop solutions. 

We are in this together!