Who you need to start
a Q Place

In Q Places, we call facilitators “initiators” because they get a group started and keep it going on the right track. For the most healthy, productive group, you need three initiators working together. Just as a triangle is the strongest supportive shape in architecture, a triad is the best way to create a self-sustaining support structure for launching a Q Place.

Why three initiators in a group?DSC_0663

Three people bring multiple relational skills together as they facilitate group interactions. One may be able to phrase questions that spark curiosity and discussion; another may have an intuitive understanding of unspoken communication; the third may naturally connect group members with each other in ways that extend beyond the discussion time.

Logistically, starting with three helps as well. When one person has a conflict and can’t come on a particular week, there will still be two initiators to help the discussion flow well. Also, when three people start a Q Place together, they have the potential of inviting three times the number of friends and a stronger possibility that those who come would be more diverse in background. Teams of three hold each other accountable to stay motivated, to stay on task, and to grow in their relationship with God and with everyone in the group.

Why is three better than two?

Two is acceptable, but we feel that a partnership of two tends to set up a leader/follower or experienced/apprentice model, which doesn’t really play out as well in a Q Place. The dynamic of three people leads much more naturally to an equal sharing of strengths and support of weaknesses. Three is small enough for a lot of transparency, and yet just large enough for the kinds of lively interactions and synergy that should be typical of a Q Place.

Given these considerations, if you want to start a Q Place, think of who else might be interested in facilitating with you. Together, you can go through a Q Place coaching group. If you do not have anyone who might want to form a triad with you, join a coaching group anyway. You may find your triad there!