How can I facilitate spiritual conversations?

If you want to learn how to engage people you know in meaningful conversations about God, you have come to the right place!

People in our culture need a safe space to discuss questions about God and the Bible at their own pace. Q Place has training and tools to help you create a welcoming environment where ongoing spiritual conversations can thrive. Those conversations can be personal, casual, and unplanned, or they can involve a group of people in ongoing discussions. Either way, you’re providing a place for questions—a Q Place.

In a Q Place, discussion is comfortable, everyone respects the diversity of voices, and people can grow in their understanding of God. The goal of a Q Place is that the participants discover God for themselves. You as the facilitator do not need to have all the answers—people find answers to their questions as you discuss life, God, and the Bible together. Your job is to facilitate the discussion along with at least one more co-facilitator.

Q Place training and resources can help you open this door for people in your life.

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