Where can I talk about God?


If you are looking for a setting where you can openly explore your questions about life and discover more about God, we’d like to help you find a Q Place.

A Q Place is a group of 2-12 people who get together on a regular basis to discuss questions about life, God, and the Bible.

When you join a Q Place conversation, you’ll experience friendly, casual discussions that are relevant to your life and today’s world. Q Place helps everyone— regardless of what kind of faith life you have— to explore questions and doubts about God, and to make discoveries at your own pace.

How do I join a Q Place?

You can join a Q Place by phone with others like you, or find a group that meets in your area. Email us at info@QPlace.com, let us know that you want to join a group, and we’ll help you find a Q Place to suit your needs and schedule.