Trained Facilitators

What difference can trained facilitators make in a spiritual discussion with people who have diverse beliefs?

All the difference! Trained Q Place facilitators ensure that everyone is respected, valued, and heard as they share their thoughts and grow in their understanding of God.

We call our facilitators "initiators," as they are the ones who get Q Place discussions started on the right track. We recommend that at least two, ideally three people start a Q Place together.

Initiators are trained to listen much more than they talk, to ask great questions, and to help everyone process their thoughts about God and the Bible together. This creates an atmosphere in which people can actively explore their own questions without judgment. Everyone is learning together. This kind of inductive learning is how many people learn best.

We encourage potential Q Place initiators to join a 7-week Q Place coaching group to learn the core principles that are essential to every Q Place. The book How to Start a Q Place provides the framework. Q Place Coaching groups are facilitated by coaches who are experienced in starting groups for spiritual seekers, so they can share first-hand insights all through the process of preparation, invitation, trial meeting, and growth.