Questions About God Guides

Claims regarding spiritual truths can and should be tested and carefully examined. Who is God? Can he be known? What is his character? What evidence points to a creator? Is the Bible an accurate source of knowledge about God?

Many people struggle with these and many other big questions about God. The Tough Questions series addresses these main questions about God and the Bible:

Each of these major questions can be purchased as a separate guide ($10) with six related sub-questions, or all 42 questions can be found in one book called Tough Questions. This all-in-one book is an economical resource ($20) that allows groups to skip around to many different questions without purchasing another separate guide.

What makes Q Place’s Questions About God resources inductive?

The questions in the Tough Questions guides are designed to help people go through a five-phase process of discovery. That is what makes these guides so effective in helping you figure out what you believe. Here are the five phases:

  • Phase 1: Identification – What do you believe?
  • Phase 2: Clarification – Why do you believe it?
  • Phase 3: Exploration – Explore alternative beliefs about that topic.
  • Phase 4: Evaluation – Assess the validity of your new discoveries.
  • Phase 5: Decision – Draw conclusions. What do you believe now?

The Tough Questions Guides are a great starting place for beginning discussions, but Q Place also offers forty inductive Bible Discussion guides which help groups explore the Bible and discover for themselves what it means.  Learn more about Bible Discussion Guides.