Bible Discussion Guides

The Bible contains the history of man’s interaction with God and presents countless glimpses into God’s character.  It is also the best seller of all time, taking both first and second place in the ranks of the five best sellers in history.  It is estimated that more than 6 billion copies have been published, compared with top-sellers A Tale of Two Cities (200 million sold) and Lord of the Rings (150 million copies printed).

The Bible has influenced many civilizations, our literature, and world history at large. It is a foundational text for three monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam). It has unparalleled manuscript support (both in number of ancient copies and quality of manuscripts) and there is much validation of its authenticity from secular sources, including archaeology.

In a Q Place, you can come to your own personal conclusions about the content and value of the Bible.  If your Q Place wants to experience the thrill of new discoveries and insights about God and his nature as presented in the Bible,  then a Q Place Bible Study guide is a valuable resource to accomplish that task.

Q Place discussion guides are filled with questions, not answers.  They point you to the Bible to see for yourself what it says. Along with just enough background information to help groups discuss a Bible passage intelligently, the questions in Q Place Bible study guides are designed to help groups make observations, form interpretations, and develop applications to life directly from the Bible.

Q Place offers many discussion guides from the Old and New Testaments as well as character and topical studies.  There are three levels of discussion guides, meeting the needs of groups that are just beginning to study the Bible (level 1), groups with some experience (level 2), and groups that have a lot of experience (level 3).